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Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in life. It is a place where memorable moments are made. It should be noted that colors have a positive effect on moods. If your walls have started showing signs of fading, it is time to hire a residential painting contractor.

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint helps seal off moisture and has an aesthetic appeal on the house that keeps guests coming. Our residential painting services are aimed at transforming dull living spaces into works of art. We focus on identifying our clients’ tastes and infusing fresh ideas to them.

We deliver what we promise

It is stressing for most homeowners to hire a residential painting company, only for the project to drag on for days. We focus on professionalism and speed. This ensures that you can go back to your normal lives as soon as possible. Our residential house painting services are affordable and our list of colors is very comprehensive. We take every step to ensure that the colors we choose for your home blend in with the surroundings.

Before we can begin any residential home painting project, we perform drywall repairs. This seals small and big holes and ensures that the paint is applied evenly. A supervisor will be on standby to inspect the project and ensure that it is completed within schedule. Our residential interior painting contractors are neat and courteous. Their attention to detail ensures you do not have cases of paint spillage.

Neat and professional staff

Painting can be messy when not done properly. Painters that lack experience often spill paint to unwarranted areas like your floors or furniture. Before embarking on any residential painting project, we will cover areas that we do not want to be exposed to paint. Our painters will carefully handle any delicate items to avoid breakage. After painting, we will restore your living spaces to their original location.

We use high quality paints

Inferior paint is known to contain toxics that are harmful to your health. Whenever we have any residential painting jobs, we focus firstly on family safety. This means choosing high quality paints that are environmentally friendly. Our painters work to ensure that no paint gets into your food or interferes with your lives. We also work with speed so that you can go back to your normal lives as soon as possible.

Many people regard painting as a simple DIY job. But, a lot goes into moving furniture, color selection and ensuring that the paint is even. Paint is important to keep off moisture from causing destruction to your walls. It also has a positive effect on the final appraisal value of your house. Exposure to UV light gives paint a dull color, which causes embarrassment when hosting guests. Our company also offers residential exterior painting services. This ensures that your house has even color tones inside and outside.

If you have had the same paint color for decades, it is time you spruced up your living spaces by applying a fresh coat of paint. Give us a call today for free color consultation.

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