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Breathing fresh life to old fences

Fences are not just to keep thieves away. They play a key role in the aesthetic design of the house. Unlike the interior of the house, the fence is constantly being exposed to harsh climatic conditions like rain, winds, snow, and occasional termites trying to make the fence their home. As one of the top Ottawa painting company, we have experience in painting an old fence and helping it blend with the rest of the house.

Our fence painting prices are one of the most affordable in Ottawa. We use a variety of methods during fence painting and this contributes to its extended lifespan. By using eco-friendly paints, we preserve the natural habitant of all living organism around your backyard.

Turn your backyard into comfortable living spaces

Winter takes a toll on most fences. Moisture and strong winds reduce the holding capacity of your fence – It is not uncommon to see bending fences during this time. Painting your fence during summer gives you a chance to spend more time enjoying the sunshine outdoors. We offer interior and exterior painting services in Ottawa. Whether you are in search of painting metal fence panels or painting cedar fence, we have you covered. Our contractors have been carefully vetted to ensure they carry out their task professionally and within deadlines.

We will not leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with our work. We have built a reputation over the years as one of the top Ottawa painters. We use some of the latest fence painting tools and this leads to spectacular results. Our specialty in residential painting in Ottawa extends to deck painting, and stucco painting. We also offer drywall repair services in Ottawa for large commercial painting projects in Ottawa.

Time for painting a new fence

Many homeowners are not aware that their fences increase the appraisal value of their homes. Wood is often the preferred material for fence making. But, wood rots when exposed to moisture; termites also love it. Here are reasons why you should repaint your fence.

  • Rot protection

Wood fences are exposed to a lot of moisture and this makes them susceptible to rot. Our fence painting rates have provisions for wood staining. This extends the lifespan of your fence while giving it an attractive shine. Repainting your wooden fence also contributes to improving the wood grain.

  • Block sunshine

There is nothing as relaxing as spending your time outdoors during summer. Having a fence helps protects your backyard from direct sunlight while leaving space for a light breeze.  

  • Keep unwanted guests away

If you have a noisy neighbor’s dog that has a habit of dropping in unexpected, then having a fence will keep him out. Our new fence painting cost are affordable and take into consideration termite prevention.

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If you are planning to host some guests in your backyard during summer, then it is imperative that you give your fence and decks a fresh coat of paint. This not only keeps the fence secure during winter, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. We use high-quality paints and tools. Gives us a call today for a free fence painting estimate!

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