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The importance of a good looking house exterior cannot be overlooked. It is the first thing one notices when passing your house. In fact, it is the deal breaker when deciding whether to purchase a particular house. But, the exterior is subject to harsh climatic conditions making it have a higher rate of wear and tear than the rest of the house. If you have not taken the time to properly treat your fence wood then termites and other rodents will make it their habitant. We have successfully offered interior painting services in Ottawa and are ready extend the specialty to your backyard

We are the ideal exterior painting contractor of choice. We work to ensure that the exterior design matches your personality. The house interior can be overcrowded at times and with the summer checking in, most homeowners would prefer to spend time outdoors basking in the sunlight as they enjoy a cold, fresh glass of lemonade. As one of the top exterior painting in Ottawa, we work to ensure that this desire becomes a reality.

We take time to listen to our customer needs

It is frustrating being ignored. Our exterior house painting contractors have been trained to carefully understand the customer needs before undertaking any project. During this time, we carefully take the client through various options that can turn their backyards from an eyesore to an eyepiece of beauty. In this regards, we take the time to carefully vet the very best Ottawa painters. Our contractors, work with minimal supervision, are exceptionally professional and courteous. They will ensure that any commercial exterior painting project is finished ahead of schedule. 

Extend the lifespan of your wooden surfaces

Wood is a preferred material when sprucing up your backyard. But, when not well taken care off it has a short lifespan. Firstly, moisture causes wooden products to rot. Then, you have rodents and termites that make wood structures their habitant. Our exterior painting services begin with preparation of the wood to prevent rot and decay. We focus on applying more than two coats for durability. We ensure that the colors used blend with the surroundings and house design. Whether you are thinking of stucco painting, deck painting, or stucco painting we have you covered.

Higher house appraisal values

Purchasing a home tends to be one of the biggest life investment. It takes years of sacrifice to clear a mortgage. But, many homeowners get comfortable once the purchase decision is made. If you want to get good appraisal values then your exterior aesthetic value should match the interior. We focus in painting your exterior brick surfaces so that they shine like the rest of the house. Bricks surfaces are exposed to moisture and with time the beautiful bright red color that they once had fades away. Our exterior house painting contractors will work on your backyard, turning it into one of the favorite spaces in your house.

Our work is not limited to renovations only. If you are building a new home and are concerned about getting the best exterior painting services, give us a call and we will take you through various color options.

We offer the best residential exterior painting quotes

The exterior surface can be large and the work beyond the scope of DIY tasks. If you have are living in a storied house, it can be challenging mounting ladders for a paint job. Instead of getting concerned with exterior home painting, why not let the experts handle it while you focus on being the best in your industry. We offer some of the best painting quotes of any Ottawa painting company. The best part is we deliver what we promise. Our expert painting contractors have been vetted to ensure they meet industry standards. They carry out tasks with at most professionalism. You can continue with your daily tasks as we handle any residential or commercial painting tasks in Ottawa for you.

When it comes to exterior home painting costs, the type of paint that you choose and the surface area will be the key determining factors. In some instances, the costs may rise when you are planning on having drywall repair services for homes in Ottawa. But, no matter the situation, we ensure that they are no hidden charges.

Guaranteed results

When it comes to home comfort, then you need to go with the best. Your home has a sentimental value that you need to maintain. It is the place you entertain guests. If you are going to have then over for backyard barbecues, then you need to ensure that the scenery is breathtaking. Hiring any of our painting contractors ensures that materials used are safe and of the highest quality. We take great care to ensure that your exterior painting colors blend well with their surrounding and complement your personality.

We do not compromise on quality, for we know how wrong paint can be toxic. We take great care for the nitty-gritty items in your backyard like gardening pots or the dog house.

We are intentional in our choice of colors

The exterior is as much a part of the house as the interior. It offers extra living spaces when the interior feels crumped and stuffy. Most people will add some outdoor decks or patios to their backyards and this offers great opportunities for barbecues during summer. But, the winter season leaves your exterior walls damaged and dull due to extra moisture content.

Our exterior house painting contractors are on call to breathe fresh life to your outdated walls. We take great caution to ensure that your garden plants do not get soaked in paint. We choose colors that easily blend with your landscape.  During painting we will cover surfaces that we do not want to come into contact with paint. The paints that we use are waterproof and this means your exterior is protected from moisture during winter.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your exterior walls, you need the best exterior painters in Ottawa. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


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