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We do drywall repairs no matter how small or big the holes

Before we can get into painting your walls, we need to do drywall repairs. This ensures you do not have rough patches where the paint runs through. Part of drywall crack repairs is texturing and finishing. Our Ottawa painters have been doing drywall repairs for many years and you can trust them with your home. In addition, we also offer various exterior painting services in Ottawa like fence painting, stucco painting, and fence painting.

When not done properly, drywall hole repair will leave your walls looking awkward. This also poses challenges during painting. Uneven wall painting are an eyesore and contribute to a decline in appraisal value.

How to repair your drywall

For homeowners drywall crack repair is a simple DIY project. But, you need the right tools for successful repairs. If done badly it leads to an increase in the drywall repair cost as you have to redo it. You will need knives, a hammer, a screwdriver and other drywall repair materials. If this is not your thing, then contact any of our drywall repair contractors.

When you have multiple repairs you will need to purchase more drywall material. Applying the sheet is a delicate process and you need to be careful their no children around. Also, note that the drywall sanding can pose serious respiratory problems.

Popping nails or dents on your walls necessitate drywall repairs. The process involves knives meaning there is a possibility of cutting yourself. Our contractors have acquired extensive experience in drywall repair of a patch. They work fast and this ensures you can go back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

A company you can trust

When it comes to repair of a drywall ceiling, you need to work with painters with the right tools. Our company has the capacity to handle both residential and commercial painting projects in Ottawa. We will carefully handle and move your furniture. Once we are done we will clean up where painting took place. Our experience in interior painting projects in Ottawa has led us to have many satisfied clientele.

We carefully vet all our drywall repair contractors to ensure they are familiar with the product. We outsource our paints from reputable companies. Our company takes the time to understand our client needs. This is then followed with free color consultation. High quality paints ensure that you do not need to repaint your walls every few years.

Holes in your walls are a major cause of mold infestation. They are also an embarrassment when hosting guests. To ensure that your living spaces are habitable and friendly, our drywall experts will fix all your small and big holes. We have the tools to handle any project coming our way. Once we patch a hole in your wall, we will follow it up with the best paints.

You have taken great care to design your dream home. But, moisture and UV light have contributed to dull walls.  If you are tired of having the same wall paint for many years, give us a call for a free estimate.

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