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We handle large commercial painting projects

The scope of work needed for large commercial and industrial painting jobs is beyond one person. Our company has the tools and manpower to handle painting projects for large commercial buildings. We take the time to understand a company’s themes/logos and incorporate them to our color selection.

We carefully listen to the customers’ needs to ensure that the final results are beyond expectation. Our commercial painting contractors have gathered years of experience and this ensures they complete large projects ahead of schedule. We offer affordable commercial painting rates, and deliver what we promise. As one of the top Ottawa painting company, we take major steps in ensuring customer satisfaction.

We take great steps to prepare buildings for painting

Large painting projects often take weeks to complete. As a reputable Ottawa painters company, we prepare the painting area by removing any debris and obstacles that may disrupt the painting work. We will also cover your desks and floors to protect them from paint. Once the commercial painting work is done, we will restore your furniture to their original positions.

It is imperative that you inform your customers and employees of any residential and commercial painting work taking place. This enables them to trend carefully in the offices by preventing unnecessary contact with the paint. Wet paint is an irritant and you may need to relocate before it dries. In this regards, our contractors choose the very best paints that are eco-friendly. We also offer deck painting, fence painting, stucco painting, and drywall repair services for residential houses in Ottawa.

Our commitment to excellence

When it comes commercial building painting services, no one does it better than our company. We focus more on customer satisfaction. Whether you have a small or large commercial painting project, we work within your budget without compromising on quality. Our painters work fast so that you can go back to your normal activities.

Due to the large number of rooms in many commercial and industrial properties, having the right commercial painting company in Ottawa ensures that the project does not drag for many days. Our specialty in commercial window painting gives your building a fresh look.  We will give your windows a good scrub before painting. This has the added benefit of bring in sunshine and increasing the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Supervisors you can trust

Anytime we engage in any interior or exterior painting projects in Ottawa, we ensure there is a supervisor on site. Large commercial projects involve many painters. In addition, you have thousands of square feet of walls to be painted. The supervisor will take you through the project. They will then come up with a budget after listening to your painting needs. This ensures that whatever colors are used blend well with your corporate logos and themes. Timelines are set so that you can go back to doing what you love in beautiful offices.  If you have any suggestions on how the project can be smoother, then the supervisor will be at hand to listen to your concerns.

Our commercial painting rates are the most affordable in Ottawa. We do not have any hidden costs and you get delivery for what you have paid for. Our expertise in various residential painting projects around Ottawa, has made us a preferred service provider.

Painting materials that you can trust

Cheap paint is known to contain harmful compounds like lead. When you combine that with poor craftsmanship, then you are left with poorly painted offices. This reflects negatively on your reputation. We understand that it has taken you many years to build your business. That is why we offer the very best paints for your office spaces. We also use some of the latest painting tools and this produces outstanding results. With us in the driving seat, you will not experience any uneven paints on your wall. For old walls, we begin with drywall repair before we can commence painting.

Our commercial painting services extend to repainting your windows, doors, and exterior structures. We will give your decks and rails a good polish so that they get that shine back. We have worked in high-rise structures and have the tools to reach extremely high places. Painting your commercial and industrial building increases its appraisal value. It also makes your business appealing to potential customers. When done right, it offers relaxing office spaces that your employees enjoy working in.

Customer satisfaction comes first

We love putting a smile on any of our customer’s faces. Our company employs a large number of painters and this helps us deliver on both small and large projects. We carefully vet our painters to ensure that they are registered with local authorities. We go the extra mile to ensure that they have the right certifications before embarking on any project. As a result, our painters are professional, neat, and courteous. They take their work very seriously and this has led to our large number of satisfied clientele.

We will not invoice you until you are completely satisfied with the work at hand. Our supervisors will be in constant touch with you to ensure everything runs smoothly. Having the right team for your painting projects ensures you do not do repainting. It also ensures that the paint application is even. High quality paints will protect your walls from moisture and extend their lifespan. The paints also deflect UV light that is a major cause for dull walls.

Our company has perfected the art of commercial painting. By contracting us, we ensure to deliver beyond your expectations. Our commercial painting rates are the most affordable and are structured to work within your budget. What you pay is what you get. We do not have hidden charges that crop up as the project proceeds.

If you are looking for a way to attract new customers to your commercial or industrial property, then having a fresh coat of paint does the trick. Call any of our customer care teams and we will give you a free color consultation and quote.

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