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Extend the lifespan of your walls with stucco painting

Many homeowners prefer stucco for their exterior due to its ability to withstand weather elements. Stucco performs well for moisture retention and is durable, but with time that beautiful color that attracted you to stucco fades. Finding the right stucco painting contractors is key for color restoration. Our company has being handling various interior and exterior painting projects in Ottawa for many years.

When stucco repair and painting is done right, it can last for more than 10 years without cases of peeling. Having the right Ottawa painters is vital for high quality paints. To ensure your stucco lasts longer, you need to perform regular inspections; if you find some paint peeling, give us a call.

We are the right stucco painters

For you to enjoy the long-term benefits of painting over stucco, you need to identify the right residential painting contractors in Ottawa. Our contractors know the right paint to use for stucco and have the expertise and tools to complete the project to perfection. You can trust us to take care of your stucco as you pursue your dreams.

When it comes to painting interior stucco walls, you want the project to go as planned so that you can go on with your daily lives. We carefully vet our staff to ensure that they operate with utmost professionalism. We have been doing commercial stucco painting projects in Ottawa for many years. This has led to us having a large portfolio of satisfied clientele. We deliver what we promise and have the most affordable stucco painting costs.

When it comes to painting stucco, experience plays a big role. Not every painter can paint over stucco. It requires skill and a proper understanding of the material. We use the latest painting tools while choosing environmentally friendly paints. Our painters ensure that they have a clear understanding of what the client really wants. We work to infuse some of our ideas into the project and this has helped many homeowners turn their dreams into reality.

Why choose stucco painting for your walls

New homeowners often wonder what all the buzz is about stucco. Well, stucco/render is a decorative coating made from a mixture of binder and water. During application the substance is wet, but when it hardens it makes for a durable coating for your walls. Here are some reasons, you should consider stucco for your exterior.

  • Waterproof

Stucco has the ability to absorb moisture when it rains. This is evidenced by its darker color when wet. To protect your stucco, waterproof paints are used to keep moisture out. This ensures that your stucco retains its characteristic bright colors even during damp seasons.

  • Stain prevention

A closer observation of your stucco will reveal running vertical lines where rain droplets have slipped through. Painting a stucco house exterior ensures that you will not have visible stains for years to come. It also offers your house exterior a uniform color.

  • UV light protection

Wall colors become dull when exposed to direct sunlight. It also causes the paint to chip reducing its appeal. Proper painting of stucco walls ensures that you have bright colors all through the year – whether it is summer or winter. It needs to be noted that having even bright colors has a positive effect on personal moods. If you are accustomed to grumpy moods, it would be time you talked to one of the top Ottawa painting company, and we will give your walls a fresh coat of paint.

  • Appraisal value

If you want to market your house to potential buyers then you need to re-paint your exterior walls. Painting stucco has the positive effect of boosting the appeal of your house to prospective buyers. It gives your house a fresh, new look that raises its appraisal value. It also makes your home welcoming to neighbors and guests. Our services extend to fence painting, deck painting and we also offer drywall repair services in Ottawa. 


  • Multiple color options

Increased preference for stucco is due to the multiple color options available. You can choose from colors that complement your existing landscape or select one that suits your personality. We help our clients choose the best painting colors. Looking for some earthen tones or bold bright colors, we have you covered. Stucco painting is a skill that takes time to perfect. Our painters have been painting stucco houses for many years and their expertise is invaluable.

When stucco painting is done right then it ensures that your walls are protected for many years. Stucco has the capacity to handle well against harsh climatic conditions like storms, snow, sunlight, and strong winds. But, for your stucco to maintain its durability, you need to contract the right stucco painting contractors. Our team knows the right type of paint to use and they match this with the right colors. This ensures your stucco walls remain bright and protected from moisture.

We deliver what we promise

We believe in honesty. From the moment you give us a call, our painters will be at hand to guide you through the stucco painting process. We will begin by first identifying your needs and matching that with the right colors. Our painters operate with minimal supervision – you may not even realize that work is going on.

We understand how frustrating it can be finding the right stucco painting contractors – most overpromise but underdeliver. Our painters have built a reputation of excellence and professionalism, which is evident in everything they do. They are courteous and neat.

We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and our list of satisfied clientele is a commitment to this. We will not leave your house until you are satisfied with the results. In addition, we clean up after the painting process. We ensure we leave your house cleaner than it was. By contacting us, you can say goodbye to peeling paint walls.

Stucco is a durable product that brings out the best for your walls. Having the right stucco painters ensures that the project runs as expected. Tired of disappointments with your stucco, give us a call today for a free estimate.

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